This is a story, the faith adventure – that comes from simply asking God, how can help you today…

In early April 2016 we felt we heard the quiet, yet clear voice of God the farther inviting us to join him on adventure, to see and marvel at the things that he is doing on the Island of Ibiza, in the Balearics -and an offer for us to join in!

From successful vocations, to giving up all this security, trusting in that core Christian belief, that God has our back, and he loves to walk with us, much in the same way as God walked with Adam in the cool of the day.

so, here within, is the story of unfurling our main sail and letting God breath give life to us.  the honesty that comes from taking our 2 small children to live in a different place, that challenge of learning a new language and the upgrading that comes from living by faith…

so, please do join us as unravel this new faze of our life.

We’d love it if you could allow God to deepen your faith as some of you partner with us financially and through prayer