Oh my Gosh – are we having a baby…?

Spoiler alert – Liz is not pregnant!

It simple right, we have two children.

How did that happen dad…?

Well, deep breath, Mummy and Daddy love each other, Seb sees one of my tools and thinks it a rocket and the conversation quickly moves on, thankfully!

It got me thinking.  When we where waiting for Tilly to arrive, people would often ask if were ready.  My mind would wonder a little, I’d ask myself questions like; ready for what and, how different can it be.  Then I’d wonder if babies could help me mend things like landrover and weld stuff…

After what seemed like 10/15 minuets, but in reality a split second, I’d respond.  Well, I’m not sure, but one thing is for sure, a baby is coming and we’ll have to deal with whatever that entails.  Sure, You can prep things like nappies, baby seats, places for the to sleep (I slept in a draw when I was first born – thanks Mum and Dad, apparently its like a fun thing to do…).  but, the reality is you need to role with it, react to the what’s in front of you.  babies are not predicable!

And so here we are, 6 days from one of the most exciting adventures of our life.  We’ve booked ferry’s, got a house, recruited an amazing team.  But, I’m moving to Ibiza to goodness sake.  Were packing our life into a van (thank you Cally Gee et al for driving), and trusting God for everything – our lives,  finances, kids, friendships, other families; in the belief that God has a plan, not just me; but for Liz, Tilly Seb, the Delport’s, that Arnold’s, Jeff and Suzie, Cally, Debz, Emma, and the other people that are exploring Gods heart for them in Ibiza (the team is growing…!).

And, as exciting – God has a plan for Ibiza, when we pray, God let your kingdom Come, he’s good to his word.  God is on the move and we so excited to apart of that.  When people say, what do you mean plant a church (its funny Christian and none Christian alike can fine it a little difficult to understand – often the first questions is ‘where is your building’?) , I simply say;  we’re going to make friends, share the good news of Jesus, expect that God will change people lives and work out how to grow as Christian and start to workout how to be thankful together.  If in a few months/years we see a bunch of people following Jesus, worshiping together and share their own good news about Jesus, then I’d say that’s what a good church should look like (the rest will work itself out).  if, on the other hand, we fall flat on our faces, that’s fine too, as long as we’re trusting and following Jesus – my suspicion though, is that God will be faithful, as we try to be faithful.

So, keep your ears to the ground, follow us on twitter or here, http://www.24-7ibiza.com/  maybe come and join us on a team on the streets in the summer or longer as the community grows.

If you fancy supporting us, you can do it here… https://www.give.net/20213502


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