Meet the Slinn’s – Miss Tilly

Bio – Tilly Slinn

In 3 words… – Good-drawer, kind, thoughtful

Hi my name is Matilda Minnie Button Hepsibah Slinn, but my friends call me Tilly. My birthday is in January and I’m 7 years old.

My favourite colour is Turquoise and Purple. I love to make Lego and play with my Barbies. My favourite thing to do is draw and colour.

I have a brother called Sebastian, who is sometimes annoying.

I go to Weyfield Primary Academy and I like school. My favourite thing to do is golden time when I get to do what I like.  I’m really excited about my new school in Ibiza

I like to go camping, I also like kittens, penguins, baby seal pups and baby deer.

I have lots of friends at school, they are called Lamiya, Max, Lilly, Sammy, Frazier, Natalia, Bruno, Lola and Leilani. My best friends, who have been my friends since I was born are: Abi, Archie and Halle.

I’m excited about moving to Ibiza but a bit scared too!

That’s what I am about…!


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