How do you know if you wife is right?

It’s not the start of joke, one would never joke about something so serious; but an insightful peek behind the assumed roles and responsibilities that we all live by.  And yes, I have punched well above my wait before any comments…

I recon we’re a fairly modern family, Liz earned more than I did, I drive a Landrover, well 2 if you count the other one.  We share family stuff, disagree over parking illegally, and argue over, what at night, appear life and death issues; and in the morning seem pointless.  We have subsequently banned conversations after 10pm!  We try, whenever possible, to prefer each other’s needs over our own, and sometimes get it right

So, I don’t have a problem with Liz making suggestions about the direction of life.  This though, was somehow bigger…

I’ll be honest.  I was lukewarm to the whole idea. I had no great love for Ibiza, had not really tracked with the work, we’d never been there and frankly I just couldn’t see it.  But there was something going on in my spirit.  The feeling that God was asking me if I truly wanted to know how I could be use full.  The whole idea had halted me I’m my tracks, unsettled me.  The questions that came back when I asked God about Ibiza was him asking me ‘do I trust him?’  Well yes and, well, I think so…

The other really interesting thing that I started to see was; that it was not just about God in the purely spiritual plain.  I’d been married to Liz for 18 year – we’d been through ups and down, we had 2, frankly – if you’ve meet the farther – astonishing children, navigated round Paris at rush hour and learnt to love each other time and time again…  all this to say that Liz knows me. Liz had seen me loose something, my sparkle had picked up all the dirt that life throws at it, and a dullness has set in.  The passion for adventure was somehow obscured by life.  All really important things, if taken in context; I was CEO for a local charity with the responsibility for a staff team and the funding challenges that come with it.  We had a young family and don’t let anyone tell you that this is not a tough time of life.  We helped plant a church and were not part of the eldership leading various ministries.  And we had, for a number of years, supported people living with us.  Liz was working 2 different jobs and I was developing a new business idea as we looked to manage finances each month.  As I said, all really fun or important stuff. I did, however, long for mountains, seas, and rivers an element of danger and adventure!  But somehow, through this simple questions, God had asked me if I trusted him to be my adventure…

My slow, and trust me I took a number of weeks, response to the questions – was a result of me really asking God a few questions, is my time, in Guildford, was actually done, could I really trust God and did he really think we could do it.  We’d been here for 15 years, bought a house, made some of our best friends, sown in to a church and Matrix, which was an important part of my life.  The practical challenges of having to live by faith for all our finances, move countries, sort schools out, learn Spanish all fall in to place if the move was right.

So, how do you know when your wife is right?  Well; trust – it all comes down to trusting that people know you.  God knows me inside out, Liz know me better than I know myself, and then I can trust that God really has this amazing, exciting, challenging, faith filled adventure lined up for us.  Once the penny dropped, that was the start of exploring, what has now become our new life…


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