God, how can I be useful today…?

For 15 years I’d lead the Matrix Trust (www.matrixtrust.com).  it had grown with me and I around it.  I’d made good friends and good progress learning as I went and seeing the live of 1000’s of young people live changed.

Liz is an amazing social worker working locally protecting family life in some of the toughest environments.

We’d both worked with Ian Nicholson when we planted Guilford Boiler Room, now Emmaus Rd (www.emmausrd.com) and, had 2 amazing children, Tilly & Seb.  We were happy, content, feeling settled and confident our kids would do well in Guildford.  I even had a massive garage to play in…

I still felt the call to the wild; but had reconciled this with God.  Not trapped of frustrated – but knowing that my time, right now, was to be a good farther, a great husband and faithfully get stuck in with what is in front of me.  I’d stopped looking at new Job ads, and simply started asking God ‘how can I be useful today’?

My questions was becoming more frequent, not out of an insecurity – but out of the simple awareness that God, through his Holy Spirit, was working around me and longs to partner with us.  The response to the questions would often be, encourage that person, take them out for coffee, and share something of my truth here and there.  Simply trying to reflect Jesus in my every day.

What I was not expecting was once day, after that simple questions, God, ‘how can I be useful today’ to have a life changing exchange with Liz -which simply put, went like this…

Liz – ‘I think we should move to Ibiza as Abby and Charlie Clayton are coming home’

Dave – ‘I don’t’

Liz – ‘why not’

Dave – ‘I’m not sure I get it’

Liz – ‘Would you pray about it’

Dave – ‘yes’, and there, ever so slowly settled and uneasy feeling, was the northwind blowing over our time in Guildford?


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  1. Very exciting to learn about your new big adventure. This old hippie will be praying for all your family in the coming months and I’m looking forward to hearing all about what God has planned for the island.
    Our Christian daughter lives and works there so I am sure I’ll be hearing all about it!


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