Meet the Slinn’s – Mr Dave

Bio – Dave Slinn

In 3 words… – petrol-head, passionate, adventures

Writing bio’s can be so emotive, but I’ll give you snapshot of 43 year of faith, coursing trouble and discovering God and working out life.

Were currently in Guildford (although move to Ibiza in April 17 to lead 24/7 Ibiza and plant a church) where I’ve just given up leading the Matrix Trust after 15 years. and helped plant Emmaus Rd church 11 years ago.

Before that we where in Southend where I lead the Network Youth charity, and enjoyed we the sea, traveling and restoring a 1956 landrover.  We’d planed to move to America but this fell through at the last minuet and so we landed in Guildford.

I married Liz in March 1998, punching well above my weight and then set off the drive across the Sahara desert in a 25 year old land rover (we still own one or two…), which subsequently broke down in the desert and made for some great conversation with my then new wife…

Trained to restore classic car; I’m a self confessed petrol head, owning a few cars and bike. I’m also a qualified super car instructor, just no super car.

I now have 1 amazing wife, two fantastic kids and a great garage!

I’m simply a product of God grace, petrol, lots of mistakes and even more adventures.


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